The Lambda School Influencer Program
Our mission is to give more people the opportunity to land a great job with a higher income, and we partner with influencers who are excited to help people reach their potential. Are you ready to get started?
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Why work with Lambda School?
Our Mission –  Our accessible deferred tuition options allows anyone to enroll with no money down.
Our Reputation –  Our well-regarded curriculum is co-created by hiring managers to help student succeed.
Dynamic Marketing –  We give  influencers the freedom to create their own content or leverage any we’ve created.
Great Rewards – Earn customized compensation for every student you help enroll in a Lambda School program.
Who are Lambda Influencers?
Our model provides an alternative way to think about education.
Whether they’re looking for a college alternative or making a career change, our program gets people hired faster.
Our program turns your visitors’ interest in programming into a career.
Our deferred tuition options promote diversity and equality in our student body.
Personal Finance
A new high-paying job is the fastest way to help your audience achieve their financial goals.
Your users’ passion for online gaming can be translated into new high-paying skills.
Let’s get started!
Contact us at for more information or to join the Lambda School Influencer program.

*Not available for currently enrolled, existing students.