Hire a Lambda Apprentice

Here's how it works: you commit to create a 3-6 month long paid apprenticeship with the potential for a full-time hire at the end, and we take care of sourcing the perfect candidates for you.

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Why Hire Lambda Apprentices?

Get to know your candidates before you hire. As a recruiting partner, you get to give your Lambda apprentice experience with your team, your stack, and your work environment before committing to a full-time hire.

Conduit for a new career. Be the launching point for Lambda graduates as they start a new career. You have the unique opportunity to give apprentices their first work experience after graduation, building on the foundation they acquired during Lambda School.

Easy candidate sourcing. No stack of resumes to sort through. Tell us your job requirements, and we will find the ideal candidates for you. We will ensure all candidates have the skills and attitude needed to thrive on your team.



3-6 Months

Minimum Pay

$30 an hour


Commitment to provide apprentice with a mid or senior level mentor.
Willingness to evaluate apprentice for full-time hire at the end of the apprenticeship.

Skilled Graduates

Lambda school graduates have a wide variety of in-demand skills. Our Graduates have been trained in the latest technologies by industry experts and come ready to contribute from day one.

All Lambda School graduates have studied computer science fundamentals.

  • Full-Stack Web

    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node, Python, Django, SQL, Testing

  • iOS

    Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, Networking, APIs, UI, Python and OOP

  • Data Science

    Python, Statistical Modeling, Linear Algebra, Model Visualization, Big Data, Databases

  • UX

    User Research, Ideation, Usability, Visual Hierarchy and Wireframes, High Fidelity Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, React

  • Android

    Java, Kotlin, UI, Data Persistence, Networking, Python and OOP

“Lambda is the real deal.”

"Started learning React today and it makes so much sense! I've never touched React before and it's already familiar because the curriculum has been building on itself. I wish that ANY of my college classes had been this well planned."

Katy Hollobaugh, Computer Science

Hire a Lambda Apprentice

Give a Lambda grad a trial apprenticeship and prepare to be impressed.

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