Lambda grads are trained to meet your needs
1,500+ hours of coding experience
Cross-team collaboration skills
Available in all 50 states
No hiring fees
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1,500+ hours of relevant coding experience
Lambda students get 1,500 hours of real project experience and cross-functional teamwork over nine months. And there's no such thing as just squeaking by. Every Lambda student is required to show 100% mastery of the material and have a 95% live class attendance to graduate.

See products built by our students
Our graduates have mastered the latest technology
Full Stack Web Development
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node, Python, Django, SQL
iOS Development
Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, Networking, APIs, UI, Python, OOP
Android Development
Java, Kotlin, UIData Persistence, Networking, Python, OOP
Data Science
Python, Statistics, Modeling, Linear Algebra, Databases, Big Data, Data Visualization and Engineering
User Experience Design
User Research, Ideation, Usability, Wireframes, High-Fidelity Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Diverse talent across all 50 states
Lambda School is designed to be fully accessible financially and geographically.  Our students come from a diverse range of personal, professional, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. 
Top tech companies are hiring Lambda School graduates
The recruiting landscape in Silicon Valley is changing. As demand for engineers grows, we’ll be even more dependent on nontraditional channels. Lambda School leads the pack.
John Vormbaum
Head of Recruiting at Clover
Our Lambda School grad immediately stood out. He was really sharp in comparison to a lot of other candidates. He knew the fundamentals and had applicable, practical experience.
Greg Larson
VP of Engineering at Divvy
Zero hiring fees
You're one Lambda hire away from your dream team. Let us know what roles you're looking to fill and we'll send you handpicked candidates for free within 72 hours. Not the right fit? No problem. Simply send us your feedback post-interview and we'll send you 3-5 more options.

Give a Lambda School graduate a trial with a 3-6 month apprenticeship. Love your Lambda grad? Hire them full-time with no recruiting fees.
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