Curriculum designed to get you hired
We asked hundreds of top tech companies what specific skills they look for in candidates and then designed our live, remote programs to include learning activities that help you master each key skill.
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Build real products
with real teams
Lambda simulates the type of environment you'll work in when you land that job. Every month you'll collaborate with other students on a group project, and at the end of the program you'll build a real product with a team of students from other tracks.

See what students have built
Rigorous structure that works
Every week at Lambda follows a specific agenda designed for you to pick up new skills quickly. Individual progress assessment is built into every corner of our digital program allowing students to repeat content until mastery has been demonstrated.
Get help when you need it
We're in this together. Course mentors are just a Slack message away whenever you need extra help, so your learning is never stalled while you wait around for a response.
An experienced industry expert will lead the curriculum and day-to-day class instruction via Zoom.
Team Leads
You and 6 to 8 students will meet daily with your Team Lead for guidance, code review, and skills development. You’ll also meet 1:1 for additional support.
Our Coordinators are here to ensure your experience at Lambda is a positive one. Can’t decide which track is best? They’ll guide you. Stressed out? They'll support you.
Career Coaches
Starting in week one, you’ll have access to online office hours hosted by Lambda’s expert career coaches, whom you’ll work with during and after the program until you start your first job.
When you begin your job hunt, we’ll match you with a local professional in your field to give you advice on your portfolio, help you build your network, and help you get to know the industry.
A large and lively student community
Even though you might be sitting at your computer at home, you’ve got thousands of friends going through the same challenges.
In-person student and alumni meetups
Collaborative coding sessions
Brown bags led by industry leaders
Special interest channels on Slack
Daily Slack standups with peers
Career support along the way
We only succeed when you do – that’s why an important part of Lambda’s curriculum is focused on getting you hired. You’ll get regular career mentoring and complete weekly career-readiness assignments so you can enter the job market confident and prepared.

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