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Hands-on training for a career in UX, interaction design, and more.
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UX Design + You
Design is driving the world right now. Companies are recognizing the value of design and are moving to fill their org charts with UX designers. UX design encompasses a lot of specialists. There are UX roles at giant corporations, at tiny start-ups, and everything in between.

You'll need passion and drive to be successful in this program. You own your education. We will facilitate your learning, but it's up to you to embrace the opportunity and work to succeed. There is a lot of ambiguity in UX design and you have to be able to work well with people and communicate complex ideas. If you can write well, think critically, communicate effectively, and are ready to learn, then you’re set up to succeed in the UX Design track at Lambda School.
What will be fun
Between practicing user research to collaborating with a team of developers, you'll have tons of fun applying your new skills in real project settings. You’ll get the opportunity to design new products from the ground up.
What will be hard
While learning one of the most in-demand skillsets can be fun, it can also be a challenge. You'll be responsible for not only absorbing the information that's given to you, but also practicing it and taking it to the next level.
Build real products on real teams
Our curriculum is designed to get you hired. Classes are interactive and have a rigorous structure. Plus you'll build a real product with a team of 6-8 students from other tracks.
Lambda Launch
Orientation: Remote Working, Class Structure & Expectations, Required Technology and Support
UX Principles and the Responsive Web
Discovery, Definition, Ideation, and Design Principles
Advanced UX Concepts & Mobile Considerations
Discovery, Definition, Ideation, UX Leadership, and Design Systems
Web Development Fundamentals
Intro to HTML and CSS, Responsive CSS and Frameworks, and Building a UX Portfolio
Advanced UX Design in Practice
Google Sprints and Small Group Projects
Lambda Labs
Participate in our in-House apprenticeship by building a real-world project in a small team
Web Fundamentals
Intro to Mobile Development, Web Development and Data Science
Lambda X
Continuing Education and Job Search
Tuition options
Income Share Agreement for US citizens & DACA recipients
$0 upfront + 17% of salary for two years. $30k USD maximum total payment.
Pay upfront instead of an Income Share Agreement
$20k USD upfront. No income share agreement.
Upcoming UX Design Classes
All classes are online, interactive, and live from anywhere.




Feb 10, 2020


9 months

18 months

Monday - Friday

8 AM to 5 PM PST

choice of Fri, Sat, or Sun

Mar 9, 2020


9 months

18 months

Monday - Thursday

6 PM to 9 PM PST

choice of Fri, Sat, or Sun

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