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Submit one form and Lambda School will do the leg work, hand picking the perfect graduate for your team.

Instead of a placement fee, we ask that upon a successful hire you make a donation to our nonprofit Perpetual Access Fund (suggested amount $1,000).

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Lambda Perpetual Access Fund

Lambda Concierge is our program for matching hiring partners that share our values and align with our vision with the perfect graduate.

We're asking them to join us in our mission to expand opportunities, and offering something very special in return: Make a donation to our Perpetual Access Fund and a Lambda School Concierge will hand deliver your dream candidate.

Jump straight to the front of the line to hire the Lambda School graduate that is the best fit for your organization.

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Skilled Graduates

Lambda School's graduates have a wide variety of in-demand skills. Our graduates have been trained in the latest technologies by industry experts and come ready to contribute from day one.

All Lambda School graduates have studied computer science fundamentals.

  • Full-Stack Web

    JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Node, Python, Django, SQL, MongoDB, Testing

  • iOS

    Swift, Objective-C, Core Data, Networking, APIs, UI, Python and OOP

  • Data Science

    Python, Statistical Modeling, Linear Algebra, Model Visualization, Big Data, Databases

  • UX

    User Research, Ideation, Usability, Visual Hierarchy and Wireframes, High Fidelity Design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React

  • Android

    Java, Kotlin, UI, Data Persistence, Networking, Python and OOP