The Lambda School Affiliate Program
Help people find a better path in life through equal opportunity education and earn rewards for every student you enroll.
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Why Lambda School?
High conversion –  Our accessible deferred tuition options allows anyone to enroll with no money down.
Great Reputation –  Our curriculum is co-created by hiring managers to help students succeed.
Promotional Materials – We provide all the creative assets you need to drive referrals.
High rewards  –  Earn $500(!) for each student who starts a Lambda School program.
Last Click Attribution model – Cookies last 30 days so we can track your efforts and influence.
Dedicated Team –  Our experienced account team is on call to support your needs.
How it works
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Use our creative assets or make your own to drive people to our site.

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Who are Lambda School Affiliates?
Education sites  
Our model provides an alternative way to think about education.
Employment sites
Whether they’re looking for a college alternative or making a career change, our program gets people hired faster.
Coding sites
Our program turns your visitors’ interest in programming into a career.
Culture and Diversity sites
Our deferred tuition options promote diversity and equality in our student body.
Finance sites
Training for a new high-paying job helps our students reach their financial goals faster.
Gaming sites
Your users’ passion for online gaming can be translated into new high-paying skills.
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*Not available for currently enrolled, existing students.