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The goal of LambdaSchool is to get you the skills you need as a developer to get stuff done.

LambdaSchool courses, whenever possible, are centered around building real applications in production-ready environments.

Hand-Selected, Rigorously Vetted

LambdaSchool is not an open platform

LambdaSchool teachers and curriculum are chosen carefully. Instructors are among the top experts in their fields, and only instructors who are experts in a particular language, environment or paradigm are chosen. All LambdaSchool instructors write production-ready code in the languages and environments they teach about.

Before going live, LambdaSchool courses are rigorously vetted by the LambdaSchool review committe. Together we pore over every inch of every lesson to ensure concepts are explained clearly and sample code works flawlessly.

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LambdaSchool students are invited into a members-only Slack community where we organize into study groups, help each other when stuck, and even meet up

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Post your code for all to see. We learn more by having the actual output of our work critiqued by others, and by seeing how others approach the same problem



Levi Notik

Levi is the instructor for Functional Programming using Haskell. He is a developer at a fin-tech startup in New York City and has been writing functional code for nearly a decade.


Solomon Roberts

Solomon is the instructor for Cloud Infrastructure Using Amazon Web Services. Sol lives and works in Eagle, Idaho, where he is an environments


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Cloud & Amazon Web Services

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