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Become a Software Engineer in Twelve Weeks

A curriculum that teaches students exactly what hiring companies are looking for

Skills Employers Want

We worked closely with our Silicon Valley-based hiring partners to create the ideal curriculum. When looking for your first job, you'll know exactly what they want you to.

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Tiny Class Size

High quality, personalized instruction is a hallmark of LambdaSchool courses. In order to enable this type of instruction, only a small number of students are accepted into each LambdaSchool class.

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Incredibly Affordable

We don't make money until you have a job. Up-front tuition ($9,000 for the entire course) only covers our costs. Once you have your first programming job, you'll pay 5% of your first year pre-tax salary.

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Applications now open for the class beginning June 5, 2017

Plug Into the Technology Capital of the World

LambdaSchool is located in the SOMA district of San Francisco. Housing is available for as little as $600/month

In addition to teaching a skillset, LambdaSchool connects you to the center of the international technology epicentre. Minutes from thousands of the world's biggest and best technology companies, you'll have plenty of opportunities to observe and get involved in the Silicon Valley ecosystem, even if you decide to find a job somewhere else.

Each LambdaSchool class culminates in a "demo day," where recruiters and hiring partners from all over the Bay Area are invited to meet students, observe their progress, and look at the projects students have built.

Housing Available

Finding housing in San Francisco doesn't have to break the bank. We work with our housing partners to bring dorm-style housing to students for as low as $600/month (when available) in the heart of downtown San Francisco. A variety of options are available, from shared dorms to private rooms.

If you would like assistance finding low-cost housing for the duration of the class, please let us know in your application.

Build the Skills Employers Want

Learn the skills you need to get a job by writing lots of code

The LambdaSchool curriculum was developed by working with our hiring partners to determine exactly what they wanted new software developers to know when starting their first job, and going above and beyond their requirements.

The LambdaSchool curriculum covers both front and back-end web technologies, making you proficient across the full spectrum of web development. Technologies were chosen specifically in order to help students master the fundamental principles of web development, regardless of which framework they may work with or come in contact with during their careers.

During the course you'll build web backends and APIs in Python, a front-end in ReactJS, use external APIs, and learn all the tooling necessary to become a dangerous and in-demand programmer. You'll learn Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, Git, relational databases, ReactJS, and more. But, more importantly, you'll learn these skills in such a way that students will understand and easily adapt to any programming language or framework.

The LambdaSchool daily schedule is also demanding, and goes well beyond a standard nine-to-five. You'll be writing code for hours every day, and will build a large number of complete applications.

Curriciulum (subject to change)
Weeks Topic Description
1-2 Web Basics: Python, HTML/CSS, HTTP, APIs Foundational building blocks for building simple web apps
3-6 Extending Web Applications: Databases, JavaScript, AJAX, Git Making web applications more powerful
7-11 Practice with Pair Projects: Deployment, Tooling, APIs interaction Building and deploying new, powerful apps
12 Job Preparation Resume refinement, interview preparation

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We put our money where our mouth is. 100% of your up-front tuition goes into hiring world-class instructors (while keeping class size small).

This allows us to make the up-front LambdaSchool tuition a fraction of most code bootcamps — only $9,000 for the entire twelve weeks.

Classes fill up months in advance, and unfortunately we're only able to accept a small fraction of applicants, so be sure to submit your application and schedule your phone interview as soon as possible.

The next class begins July 5, 2017.

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